External Penetration Testing


It’s a preemptive approach to IT Security. External network penetration testing simulates an attacker’s perspective on your company’s target system or applications.

It is used to identify security weaknesses. The ultimate aim of a penetration test is to see what damage a hacker could do if they did access your systems or applications. What information can be accessed? How easy is it to access?  What can be taken from exploited systems and applications? Fundamentally, what does an attack mean for your company, brand and reputation?

There are three types of penetration test:

Black box

Assumes no prior knowledge of the system before testing. Provides views of real-world attack vectors that could be exploited.

Grey box

Is a combination of black and white box testing. It involves some knowledge of the system to conduct more targeted testing.

White box

Involves detailed knowledge of the system to be tested. May include details of user accounts/passwords and system architecture.

The exact activities carried out on a test are always agreed with customers in advance and are tailored to the goals of the test. Comprehensive reports are provided which detail any findings, together with remediation advice. We also offer a full on-site debrief to cover the findings of the report to help you understand any risks to your organisation.

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